In recognition of #EqualPayDay, I wanted to bring to light how Salary research sites could do a much better job educating job seekers and employers on the #paygap. Whether you use,,, or the Salary feature on LinkedIn – there will be a gap in the information that you get.

Let me explain, based on my quick research Payscale is the only one that explicitly asks gender as a means of comparison – but their results actually don’t use that information. Whether you select female or male the salary comparison is the same. What a wasted opportunity.

Attention ladies! When you look at the salary comparisons on these sites – the gender pay gap is embedded since it is an average of all salaries regardless of gender. I would be willing to bet that if you did a distribution of the salary by gender that female would not be consistently 20% to 40% below that of men. So all of these sites are continuing the cycle of misinformation that contributes to the pay gap.

This is a simple fix. They have the data. My call to action today is simple. #fixthesalaryinformation to provide better #salaryeducation to help eliminate the #paygap. In the meantime, pick your spot on the distribution scale and then add 20% if you are a white female, 38% if you are a black female and as much as 46% for Hispanic women.

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