Technology Marketing Leader, Demand Generator, Communications and Brand Executive, Analyst, Strategist, Digital Native and Team Builder.

I am an analyst, a digital story developer, a messenger and positioner who analyzes the complex and makes it relevant and compelling. I love building and growing teams who deliver the “goods”.

A runner out of necessity rather than desire. An avid alpine skier, murder mystery reader, and lover of comfortable camping. I am analytical yet passionate by nature. A thought provoker about marketing, community building, customer engagement, and women in tech.

My career includes hands-on B2C Software Marketing experience via Retail and eCommerce as well as deep expertise in the complex world of B2B Technology Marketing via the Telecommunications and Cyber Security industries. My career has progressed rapidly and spans Marketing, Product Development, Consulting, Market Research, Sales Operations and Customer Experience Management.

One of my mentors describes me as a “Marketing Communications expert that has the rare ability to go deep on disciplines such as digital marketing, competitive analysis, and market research.” Experienced serving multiple industries including Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Education, Transportation, Energy, and Utilities.  Others have used the term “change agent”. I have been recognized for bringing leading-edge business strategies and solutions to life and delivering on revenue, demand generation and customer experience metrics. I’m a genuine leader with a passion for developing people.

I attribute many of my successes to my ability to understand ideas, plans, and viewpoints within a continuum or spectrum. I use this knowledge to facilitate and connect the relevant people, concepts, and capabilities to deliver extraordinary outcomes.  I believe in the discipline of marketing and strategy. One that is based on a strategic vision, SMART goals and objectives that align across various stakeholders and a solid 360 degrees understanding of the market. Only then can we embrace innovation, balance risk, drive true engagement, attain outrageous success and take corrective action if necessary.

Career Highlights