“I have had the pleasure of working for many years with Sandra, first as colleagues running a national marketing team, then in a marketing consulting role. Sandra is a marketing communications expert and has the rare ability to go deep on disciplines such as social media and research analysis, while also being a proficient brand strategist and business leader. I have benefited tremendously from her marketing expertise, team leadership skills, and sound business knowledge.”

Jeff Lowe

VP Marketing, SMART Technologies

“Sandra is a dedicated and highly skilled individual capable of leading complex teams to achieve critical goals for any organization. Sandra brings a refreshing leadership to any group that she engages with and can be depended on to get the job done.”

Steve McBroom

Leader of Enterprise Infrastructure PMO, SunLife Financial

“Sandra’s work is very thorough. She is an active listener, who adapts to changing project requirements. All projects have been delivered on time with 100% satisfaction. I would recommend Sandra for any research and consulting needs.”

Andy Burgess

Director of Marketing, TELUS

“Sandra’s leadership was essential to achieving the financial, customer and employee objectives. Her skills and inspiration across the transition phases and complex work environment involving vendors, consultants, executives and employees ensured we established and successfully transitioned to our new brand.”



“I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra for several years. Sandra is an experienced and talented marketer with a passion for results. She is a champion of creative and strategic excellence and empowers her partners to achieve it through support and guidance based on sound strategy and a collaborative approach.”

Marc Cooper

Chief Digital Officer, VP & Partner at AGENCY59 RESPONSE

“I have worked with Sandra for over 10 years; initially as a client and subsequently as a principal consultant for my company. Sandra has a unique ability to consistently and quickly bring Marketing Strategy to life and into the market. She is one of the strongest operational marketing people I have ever known. She understands the intricacies of strategy, structure, information sources, people, culture and decision processes.  If you are looking for a communications strategist, B2B Marketer and an exceptional leader that delivers business results – I highly recommend her for an executive role in your organization.”



“Sandra is an exceptionally creative, highly motivated team player. Simply put, I would work with Sandra any time and anywhere. She is a tremendous asset to any team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple areas; from project management, to brand marketing, to social media and networking, to organizational design. Level-headed, resourceful and full of energy, Sandra is a leader.”



Sandra May-Greefkes

Technology Marketing Leader, Communication & Brand Specialist, Demand Generator, Strategist, Digital Native, Team Builder, Intrapeneur, Opportunistic Speaker.

I am a change agent recognized for initiating leading-edge business strategies. I develop motivated and engaged teams who bring initiatives to life, deliver on our shared promises and achieve results.

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