Sandra May-Greefkes


Perfect Disabled Newborn – She Persisted

I have been thinking of this blog post for a number of years. In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought it was time to publish it. Every day, perfect newborns are brought home. Every day, disable or special needs newborns are brought home. Neither is more or less... read more

Salary Research Websites could do better! #EqualPayDay

In recognition of #EqualPayDay, I wanted to bring to light how Salary research sites could do a much better job educating job seekers and employers on the #paygap. Whether you use,,, or the Salary feature on LinkedIn – there... read more

Lead Nurturing Faux Pas

As a Strategic Marketing advisor, I am in a position to research, review, qualify, propose and ultimately select various types of Marketing Technology. I am not a proponent of Marketing email spam. I DO advocate for relevant and compelling content that is developed... read more

#MarTech gets confused when family share their devices

According to the US Census Bureau, 85.1 percent of American homes have some sort of computer in their household and 74 percent had some sort of Internet access. It is no surprise that there a number of reports showing that the number of “connected” devices... read more

5 Step Planning Process to Manage Social Media Risk

Risk management is an incredibly important discipline in business, yet it is sometimes overlooked within organization’s Social Media strategy. Some companies have social media as a line item within their risk management plan. Many companies have a defined a social... read more

Are You an Expert Social Media Listener?

Are You an Expert Social Media Listener? Do you think your social media strategy is evolved?  If you are not an expert social media listener – then your social media strategy is not as mature as it could be. There are a number of social media maturity models and... read more