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Choosing Content Format – Your Customer Isn’t Always Right

You have developed a well thought out content strategy. You have invested in research that supports your content and you know that it is relevant and beneficial for your customers. Now, the original content creation begins.  Do you develop an info-graphic, write a blog, publish a whitepaper or record a video? Do you post it on Twitter, Facebook or an Industry platform? How do you choose? You look to your customers right? Based on your previous content, you know that your customers have a preference for info-graphics with a link to a blog post. So it only makes sense...

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Permission Based Email Marketing

Sandra and her team initiated the use of permission based email marketing at TELUS Business Solutions.  They knew that email marketing was not as effective as it could be both for their customers and their sales teams. A full Marketing Automation system was really the answer – but we were getting push back because the adoption rates of these systems were typically low. The team decided to start with a point solution as a proof of concept to build support for a full Marketing Automation system. We did a thorough review of numerous email marketing software providers and decided...

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Forrester Research Case Study: TELUS B2B Marketing Demonstrates The Value of Lead-To-Revenue Management

Sandra and her team initiated the use of permission based email marketing at TELUS Business Solutions. The details of how that was accomplished are provided in a separate page. This case study details how as a management team we identified the need to evolve the permission based email marketing strategy to evolve to full Marketing Automation to manage the demand that was generated. We decided as a management team to centralize the team members and create a Marketing and Sales automation team solely focused on the...

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CEB Case study of personal need validation campaign by SMART technologies

  The Corporate Executive board published a case study on Filigree Consulting’s client SMART Technologies’ re-branding campaign. SMART realized that although many customers see the value of SMART’s collaboration technologies, many fail to advocate for purchase or fail to complete the lengthy purchase process. In an effort to boost customer motivation and impact sales, SMART re-brands to draw out the emotional and personal benefits of SMART’s solutions. As part of that campaign Filigree Consulting conducted a global research study and developed the diagnostic that was used with clients. Our web development partner was AgencyZed. See the full case study...

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Teaching, Technology and Learning: Understanding the interconnection

    Recently there has been a focus on the impact technology has on student learning which has increased the urgency for both educational institutions and industry to work harder to find a more effective approach. SMART Technologies initiated research that aims to uncover the interconnections between success, technology and teaching/learning practices with the purpose of helping guide future decisions made in the education and technology sectors. Filigree Consulting conducted this research. This report details the preliminary findings. In January 2016, SMART Technologies CEO Neil Gaydon was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Education World Forum, an...

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