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#MarTech gets confused when family share their devices

According to the US Census Bureau, 85.1 percent of American homes have some sort of computer in their household and 74 percent had some sort of Internet access. It is no surprise that there a number of reports showing that the number of “connected” devices in each household are increasing. For example, The National Telecommunications & Information Administration published research findings in December 2015 that showed the majority of Americans use multiple Internet-connected devices. Given the increase in the number of devices – we could assume that individuals within an American household are getting their own devices. But wait...

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5 Step Planning Process to Manage Social Media Risk

Risk management is an incredibly important discipline in business, yet it is sometimes overlooked within organization’s Social Media strategy. Some companies have social media as a line item within their risk management plan. Many companies have a defined a social media policy and some even have an escalation process. Given how fast and unpredictable Social Media is – are these steps enough? Only you can answer that. If you want a more thorough social media risk management plan for your company – these 5 steps will help you create a rock solid plan. 1. Identify as many social media...

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The Microsoft Purchase of LinkedIn Has Created an Elephant in the Room For Salesforce

The Microsoft Purchase of LinkedIn yesterday for over $26 billion dollars was big news. Today the big news should be how that purchase is now an elephant in the room for Salesforce. A few years ago, LinkedIn locked down their APIs to a very small number of ” development partners”. Namely – Microsoft and Salesforce. The LinkedIn APIs allowed development partners to integrate the information within third party applications such as CRM records. It was reported that the lockdown of the LinkedIn APIs could really impact smaller sized CRMs such as Nimble. At the time, Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara attempted to downplay...

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Are You an Expert Social Media Listener?

Are You an Expert Social Media Listener? Do you think your social media strategy is evolved?  If you are not an expert social media listener – then your social media strategy is not as mature as it could be. There are a number of social media maturity models and capability assessments available by several leading marketing thought leadership organizations. Interestingly, the majority of these models and assessments suggest that “listening” is an early stage of social media progression or maturity. I couldn’t disagree more. Social listening is a critical capability at every stage of an organization’s social strategy development...

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Teaching, Technology and Learning – Understanding the Interconnection – Final Report

The most recently published large-scale research study shows that technology is not having the impact on student learning that we’d all hoped. This revelation has increased the urgency for both educational institutions and industry to work harder to find a more effective approach. SMART Technologies engaged Filigree Consulting to conduct research aimed at uncovering the interconnections between success, technology and teaching/learning practices. The purpose of this research was to help guide decisions in the education and technology sectors. View the report Titled: Teaching, Technology and Learning – Understanding the...

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